Friday, February 27, 2009

Some more thoughts on equality, civil rights and gay marriage

To piggy back on some of what Brandon was saying, there's an interesting article in the current issue of Colorlines (March/April) on racial justice organizing and it's integral role in the development of the LGBTTQQI movement. It addresses some of the conflict that rose up in a post Prop 8 blame game, with some notable vocal finger-pointers like Washington's own Dan Savage.
I also find myself wondering what we are talking about when we talk about "the movement", what the goals are, what the vision is and how our values are reflected in our strategies and praxis.

Equality Day is coming up on March 12th. Groups from around Washington State are coming to lobby at the Capitol on a host of issues ranging from marriage equality to safe schools. Stonewall Youth is going to hold a post Capitol debrief and discussion at 3:30 at the Stonewall office (call for directions). We hope that this will bring together an intergenerational group and create a space where we can talk about the challenges and victories happening in social justice organizing right now. We'll be having a free dinner as well! We invite anyone from our community to attend.

For more information e-mail us at or call 360-705-2738.

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